Monday, 5 June 2017

Practice your French in Swindon

French in Swindon 

I am so pleased that I have just come across a Swindon group that meet up regularly to speak French, or at least you can listen and practice.

Understand first 

Listening and understanding is the first stage in being able to speak a language. This is how any child learns, yet when you learn in a school you have to be able to read, write and speak it grammatically correctly from day one. It is not surprising that so many people give up because they say it is hard.  It is, when you attempt to learn a language that way.

Have fun

Do something enjoyable, listen and forget about getting it right, you might just enjoy having a coffee and a cake.  It seems to be what is group is about. They have a list of meetings on different days and palaces so you can choose what suits you.

I will be in France for the next meeting but I look forward to meeting new faces all interested in French very soon. 

A bientot

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  1. Some great tips on learning a new language, even for us adults. Thank you.