Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Testimonial for my book

L age 9 says, “The book is good, because if you are French or English, you can read it. I think it is really good, because it has numbers in English and French for the different countries. The CD is a really good idea, because the French people may not know how to pronounce the English, nor the English the French.”

L’s parents about using the book and CD: "Clearly, the CD is the vital part.  It is really done well and the bilingual format gets across the point that languages are spoken at a certain pace and that you need to speak and listen at that pace. That’s probably the key feature and benefit of the book.  The fact that these are nursery rhymes, implies that they should be repeated time and again until second nature, very clever. The illustrations make more sense once you are listening and start singing along with the kids."

"Using the book one appreciates the work that has gone in to making it. All round, a great job you should be proud of!"

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